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How would it feel to have a pantry full of homemade food at your fingertips?

If there's one thing the last few years have taught us, it's that you can't always rely on the grocery store to provide for you and your family.

Food shortages, supply chain issues, skyrocketing inflation and increasing uncertainty about just about everything these days means that more and more people are taking steps to become more self-reliant and ensure their food security.

Learning how to can your own food at home means you'll always have the peace of mind of knowing that you can have a pantry full of safe, healthy, shelf-stable, homemade food at the ready, no matter what's going on in this crazy world.


Get prepared. 

Preserve the harvest!


Just a few decades ago, knowing how to preserve your own food was a necessity in order to survive the winter and get through hard times when food wasn't always readily available from grocery stores.

Nowadays we're used to having access to whatever we want to eat whenever we want it, and generally do very little of the actual work when it comes to producing our own food and preparing our own meals.

While this may be convenient, it's less than sustainable, far from healthy and increasingly unaffordable and unreliable.

The past few years have been a wake up call for a lot of people.

✘ We've seen what empty store shelves look like.

✘ We've felt the sting of high prices at the checkout.

✘ We've recognized the fallibility of our "just-in-time" global food system for the first time.

While many people have begun to recognize the value of growing and producing more of their own food at home, th reality is that not everyone has the time, space, resources (or quite frankly the patience) to grow their own food at home.

But anyone can get started canning and preserving food in their kitchen.

If you're tired of being at the mercy of forces beyond your control and you're ready to boost your family's food security and take control over your own food supply, the Yes, You CAN! home canning course was made for you.

Yes, I'm ready to take control of my family's food supply!

What you'll learn...

Plus, you'll get almost $60 in bonuses!

Jam & Jelly Making Mini-Course

($29 value)

4 bonus video lessons that walk you through the ins and outs of making your own fruit jams and jellies at home, including pectin-free and low-sugar options.

Home Canning Handbook

($19 value)

My comprehensive canning eBook packed with detailed information on just about everything you'd ever need to know about canning, plus 30 recipes for canning everything from fruits, jams, pickles and sauces to meats, vegetables, soups, stocks, stews and more!

Printable Canning Charts and Cheat Sheets

($10 value)

For quick reference when you're canning, so you don't have to stop in the middle of a canning project to look up important information.

Here's what students are saying:

Meet the teacher...

Hi! I'm Anna:)

I'm a city girl turned modern homesteader who's passionate about growing and preserving food and teaching others to do the same!

But this wasn’t always the case. When I first started canning, I was intimidated to say the least. It used to take me hours to can a simple batch of jam or pickles because I would stop and re-read the recipe and instructions about a thousand times because I was deathly afraid I'd do something wrong and end up poisoning my family, or worse!

Fast forward to today, and I now put up hundreds of jars of home canned food every year.

Ever since I first fell in love with this modern homesteading lifestyle. Growing up I had no exposure at all to anything even remotely related to homesteading. I had to learn everything as an adult, so I know the value of having someone to walk you through the step-by-step process of learning a new skill, which is precisely why I decided to create this course!

Whether you’re brand new to canning or you’ve done a little canning in the past and are ready to take it to the next level, the Yes, You CAN! home canning course will teach you everything you need to know to get started canning food at home so that you always have a pantry full of safe, healthy, homemade food on hand to feed your own family.

Yes, I want to boost my food security!

There are so many reasons to learn how to can food at home

Having shelf-stable jars of home canned food on your pantry shelves at all times means you'll never have to worry about feeding your family in the case of an emergency.

Whether you're worried about inflated prices, food shortages, a job loss, a natural disaster or any number of other possible emergency situations, you'll always have a pantry full of safe, healthy, home-canned food to eat and to share with your loved ones, no matter what.

→ Freezing food is great, but what if the power goes out?

→ Dehydrated food lasts a long time, but it loses a lot of nutrients and must be rehydrated before eating.

→ Fermenting is super healthy, but fermented foods are an acquired taste and must be stored in a fridge or in cold storage. Even then, fermented foods only last for so long.

Home canned food is shelf stable, retains almost all of its nutrients and tastes the same coming out of the jar as it did going in, only better;)

 Home canned food lasts months and even years when stored properly!

That means you can preserve food when it's abundant and store it to eat year-round or for a rainy day.

Not to mention, when you can your own food, you know exactly what's in it, and you can ensure that what's in it is REAL FOOD, free from artificial flavours, additives and preservatives (unlike many commercially canned foods from the grocery store).

Plus, home canned food is the ultimate form of meal prep. Just open a jar and you've got homemade food that's ready to eat! No defrosting, rehydrating or even planning ahead.

Whether you want to be more prepared for busy weeknights or for the next global emergency, you'll always have the peace of mind of knowing you've got a pantry full of homemade food to feed your family, and THAT is like having money in the bank.

I hope to see you in class:)

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